Meet the children of Christian Meier who succeed in Hollywood

Proud of his children. Christian Meier is one of the Peruvian actors who has the greatest recognition abroad since he worked in great Mexican and Colombian novels. Despite being a public figure, the national artist always kept the children he had with Marisol Aguirre away from the Peruvian celebrity, due to the problems they had with their divorce. Who are they? Find out in this note.

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Stefano meier

The actor’s firstborn Christian meier and Marisol Aguirre is Stefano only 25 years old. Currently the young man is living in Los Angeles, United States, studying acting and his first project in the acting world was carried out in the short film Terminal. This project was directed by his father and interpreted mainly by him, it was also produced by Tondero.

The short film had several recognitions from international festivals, one of them was the London Independent Festival in the category for best crime or action short. Faced with this award, the national interpreter did not hesitate to congratulate himself on being very grateful for the appreciation of his work with his son.

“I imagined everything in this life, except that I would shoot my first film as a director in Los Angeles and that it was starring my son. Yesterday we won one more award in London and little by little others are arriving that I will share with you …. ‘ Terminal ‘is a small film made in just a few days that filled all of us who were part of it with pride and joy, “said the former Arena Hash member.

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Taira meier

Taira meier She is the second daughter of the actor and is currently 20 years old, although not much is known about what she does or if she wants to follow in her parents’ footsteps, it became known that she has a very good relationship with her siblings and has a Very strong connection with his father because both have many similar tastes such as his fanaticism for the singer Harry Styles.

Gia meier

Gia meier is the last daughter of Christian and Marisol, the young woman is 17 years old but already has a great talent for gymnastics. When he was 12 years old he managed to qualify for the Aerobic Gymnastics World Championship. “It is a pleasure to see how so many hours of training and dedication have borne fruit; the physical effort and sacrifice of training for months under the unbearable heat of this summer, while their companions enjoyed their vacations or days at the beach,” wrote the actor congratulating your little one.