Meghan Markle says that in 2019 a fire could cost the life of her son Archie

The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, revealed this Tuesday at the premiere of her own podcast for the Spotify platform, entitled “Archetypes”, that during an official visit to South Africa in 2019 a fire broke out in the residence where they were staying. could cost his son Archie his life.

The former actress explained that she ran home after hearing the news and the nanny was found in a “sea of ​​tears”, who fortunately saved the little boy, born on May 6 of that year.

“She was supposed to put him down for a nap but thought she was going to take him away while she made a sandwich. So, the heater in the children’s room caught fire,” Markle detailed praising the “maternal instinct” of the caregiver.

The Duchess was honest with the American tennis player Serena Williams, her first guest on this project that will dissect “the stereotypes that condition women’s lives.”

“We will talk about the words we use to refer to women, the language that educates our daughters and how the media reflects us,” says Markle during the trailer for this podcast that will feature a new chapter every week.

Historians and experts will complete the conversations between the Duchess of Sussex and successful women from different fields to discover the origin of female stereotypes and how they “shape the narratives of our culture”.

To “dissect and explore these labels”, Markle chose Williams as her first assistant, who just two weeks ago announced that she will withdraw from the courts after the United States Open, which will be held in New York between August 29 and 11 of September.

Throughout the 57 minutes that this first episode, titled “The Misconception of Ambition”, Markle and Williams reflect on the treatment of women when they are defined as “ambitious” or what it is like to be a mother in the public eye.

In the first chapter, Prince Harry even appeared to greet the tennis player after the Duchess of Sussex exclaimed “look who just showed up” supposedly spontaneous.

“Archetypes” is produced by Gimlet Media, owned by Spotify, in collaboration with Archewell Studio and with Meghan Markle herself serving, among others, as executive producer.

The launch of this podcast comes almost two years after the Duke and Duchess of Sussex signed an exclusive agreement with the well-known audio platform that had not materialized in any production to date.

Markle will release the second episode of the 12-part series that will make up “Archetypes” next week, with singer Mariah Carey starring in another “uncensored conversation.”