Melcochita confesses that she rejected her son Hussein as a child: “He played with dolls, I got upset”

The recognized Paul Villanuevabetter known as taffy, generates news, but not for its characteristic humor. This time he opened his heart to tell episodes from the past. In dialogue with a national newspaper, the comedian commented on his son Hussein Villanueva, who confessed that he left him at the age of 13 with 40 dollars in the United States. It is worth saying that Melcochita’s son assured that Monserrat Seminario needed to go through a psychological consultation, since he believes that this does not miss the opportunity to attack his brothers. However, Melcochita came out to defend his wife.

YOU CAN SEE: Melcochita and her imprisoned grandson meet again after 8 years: You already paid for the mistakes you made

What did Hussein say about the treatment of his father Melcochita?

Let’s remember that Hussein revealed a few days ago the bad treatment he received as a child from his father. “All my life I have felt that he never loved me, I was the son he never wanted (…) I remember that when I was little he would come up to me to hug me and he would always push me, I didn’t want to, he would say: ‘Go there.’ Then he went to the United States, he came back after a while to take my sister with him, ”he recounted.

Hussein Villanueva went through difficult times due to the absence of his father in his life. Photo: Composition/GLR File/Broadcast

YOU CAN SEE: Hussein, Melcochita’s son, accuses the comedian of abandoning him at the age of 13: He gave me $40 and left

Melcochita talks about her behavior in the past

Faced with this, Melcochita said: “Yes, but one always thinks badly, now look at the ‘machazo’ he is. At that time, I lived in the United States with my three children, but I was undocumented and had a wife who was bad, who mistreated my children and I couldn’t separate, because I didn’t know what to do in a strange land with three children Pablo, Susan and Hussein”he pointed Pablo Villanueva.

Later, the comedian said he did not remember leaving his son with only $40 in the United States; however, he affirms that he -currently- he maintains a good relationship with all his children.

“I really don’t remember, but I just want to say that I love all my children and we have a good relationship, the problems are behind us, today we get along very well. Last year I was with Susan, Pablo and Yessenia in the United States. Hussein is also doing well in Germany, he has bought his car, he works in an important automotive company, ”he added.

'Melcochita' is one of the most recognized comedians at the local level, with an artistic career that dates back to 1950.

‘Melcochita’ is one of the most recognized comedians at the local level, with an artistic career that dates back to 1950. Photo: Melcochita/Instagram

Melcochita and her imprisoned grandson meet after 8 years without seeing each other: You already paid for the mistakes you made

After being separated for 8 years, Melcochita and Jesus Guevara They saw each other again and, immediately, the young man gave the comedian a hug as a sign of gratitude for his visit. Likewise, the singer also pointed out that, from now on, his grandson will work to win civil compensation and reduce the years of sentence.

“I feel happy to see my grandson. The boy suffered enough. I feel excited to see it after so many years. If he has made a mistake, he has already paid for it. I hope he meditates and I’m going to talk to him”, were the words of Melcochita to the Andrea Llosa program hours before arriving at the prison.

The comedian Melcochita also took the opportunity to give Jesús Guevara advice for the future: “You have to be someone else. You have suffered so much that enough is enough. Well son, I have come to see you and I see you changed. You are a straight man because you have paid for the mistakes you made here. In the future, you are already going to work to be able to pay civil compensation, ”he said.

Melcochita and her grandson Jesus gave each other a warm hug

Melcochita and her grandson Jesús gave each other a warm hug. Photo: ATV capture