Melcochita reveals that she had an affair with Monique Pardo: “It was a healthy relationship”

Paul Villanueva artistically known as Melcochita revealed, after several decades, that he had an affair with Monique Pardo. This, after some photos of both went viral again during the 70s. It was known that they maintained a close friendship, but not a romance approach.

At that time we were in love, we walked up and down, I am older than her, and the relationship was very healthy, just kisses, ”recalled the comic actor in statements to a local media.

“At that time she was very pretty, a top dancer, when the artists were very talented,” added the comedian.

He stressed that they have always treated each other with great respect and admiration. “We always meet at events and she is an artist loved by the public and has many musical successes, “he told Trome.

Paul Villanueva He recently celebrated his 86th birthday and celebrated it in the company of his wife, Monserrat Seminario, who surprised him at the party they held.

In this regard, he reflected again on his retirement from the tables. “There is still wood. I want to continue singing, make the audience laugh, I will retire, but on stage. Don’t look at me!” he said true to form.

The comic actor referred to the relationship he has with his daughters, who had an exchange of words in August 2022. The interpreter made it clear that he has no quarrel with them.

“There is no war. Their thoughts are their problems, because they are older. At this age anyone gets desperate, I don’t,” she said.

In this regard, he asked his little ones for calm. “I try to stay calm for the peace of my wife and my little daughters,” said Melcochita.