Melina: Who inspired Camilo Sesto to write this song?

In September 2019, one of the most iconic figures of the ballad passed away: Camilo Sesto, who has marked several generations with his songs of love and heartbreak, with his theatrical performances alongside the Dominican Angela Carrasco, and with his tours, in which he visited countries in Latin America and around the world, where Peru was no exception. . Sesto’s legacy lives on in people who believe in romantic love and those who enjoy poetry made into song.

In recent days it was learned that one of Camilo Sesto’s children was hospitalized: it is Camilo Blanes, 38 years old, who was in intensive care. The heirs of the Spanish singer have defended his legacy, made up of songs such as Fresa Salvaje, Piel de Ángel, Callados, If you leave me now, among several other hits. But, what is the origin of the song “Melina”, highly acclaimed by fans of the Spanish singer-songwriter?

Melina mercouri was a Greek artist who was married to Panos Harokopos. Her husband allowed her to study what she was passionate about. In this way, the young woman studied theater and managed to star in some plays. They divorced, and she migrated to Paris, where she met her second husband, film director Jules Dassin, who helped bring her talent to the big screen. In total, he participated in 18 films. The actress Lucia Bosé He was the one who related Melina’s story to Camilo Sesto.

In 1967 a coup ended civil liberties in Greece, which made Melina go into exile in France. Although she thought that the remoteness from her native country would give her security, the regime stripped her of all her assets in Greece and her nationality. Not content with this, the military tried to end his life with three attacks.