Melissa Klug advises Brunella Horna to freeze her eggs and this is her reaction: “It’s the right age” [VIDEO]

the chalaca Melissa Klüg She said that she still does not plan to become a mother as a result of her relationship with Jesús Barco and that her eggs are frozen. She took advantage of that moment to advise Brunella Horna to undergo this procedure because it is in the precise time to do it due to his age.

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“I got to freeze them, I said so,” he said. Then he went to the ‘Baby Brune‘ who still doesn’t think about being a mom and is focused on her work projects. However, since she maintains a solid relationship with Richard Acuña, she can surprise at any time.

“You are already freezing your eggs, you are at the right age to freeze them,” he warned her. “It could be,” she replied worriedly. “The best age is yours,” she assured the ‘White from Chucuito’.

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Janet Barboza was interested in freezing eggs

Upon hearing it, Janet Barboza She expressed her interest in also freezing her eggs since apparently she still wants to become a mother again, but they gave her the bad news that it is no longer possible at her age.

“You can’t do it anymore,” Ethel Pozo told her, but “Rulitos” got upset and scolded why they judged her that way. “A 48-year-old woman how she can’t,” she pointed out.