Melissa Klug advises Rosa Fuentes from her position as a mother: “Let her take refuge in her family and it will happen”

The model Melissa Klug was approached by the press to be consulted by the new ampay of Paolo Hurtado and Jossmery Toledo, which recently took place in the Santa Eulalia district when the player organized a party. However, ‘La blanca de Chucuito’, she left a message for Rosa Fuentesplayer’s wife.

Klugg He announced that, for the moment, he has not had any possibility of establishing any type of communication with Pink after the images that were exposed about Paolo and Jossmery on the night of the monday april 17 by the program “Magaly TV – The Firm“.

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“I have not had the opportunity to talk, but at any time I send you a little message,” he initially expressed. Then, melissa He maintained that he feels sorry for the complicated moment he is experiencing Sources not only because of the videos that came out in TVbut also because of the issue of their children and pregnancy.

“I feel sorry for the truth, I send all the strength to Rosa, she is in a difficult moment, with her baby, with threats, her children. Let her take refuge in her family and it will happen, in the finals she has lost a man and he a family”, stated Melissa Klüg.

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Rosa Fuentes’ lawyer points out that her client could request compensation

In the latest issue of “Magaly TV The Firm“, Rosa Fuentes’s lawyer announced that her client could request compensation from Paolo Hurtado for all the damage he has done to her since the first ampay in which he was caught with Jossmery Toledo.

“There is a cause for divorce, in this case she would have to invoke dishonorable conduct (infidelity). She is going to ask for compensation for moral damage anyway, she has to establish it as, that is a subjective issue, “he said.

In the same way, the lawyer supported the way in which Fuentes’ request could proceed: “For truncation of life project. ‘If I end up with him, what is it that I could not do in those years of marriage’. They have 10 years of marriage. She can monetize that time and request it.”