Melissa Klug and Jesús Barco prepare for their wedding: “Take my hand and never let go”

They shout their love to the four winds. The well-known ‘chalaca’ Melissa Klug has finished a very good year after getting engaged to her boyfriend Jesús Barco. Now, both are excited about organizing their exclusive wedding that promises to give a lot to talk about in the Peruvian show business.

However, after the beginning of the year the ‘Blanca de Chucuito’ caused a great mystery among his followers after announcing that he is on a countdown. “Almost a month,” he wrote in one of his stories on his official Instagram account. Everything seems to indicate that the public figure could get married.

Now, the Peruvian soccer player Jesús Barco, who has just joined the Sport Boys club, decided to make a dedication of love to his future wife Melissa Klug. “I love your voice, your smile, I love your smell, your simplicity, I love your hands, your caresses, every detail of your being, I love that shine in your gaze that tells me to stay, Melissa”, reads her story.

For her part, the ‘Chalaca’ did not hesitate to respond extremely falls in love with her sentimental partner. “Take my hand and never let go,” he wrote as if the two of you had dedicated your wedding vows.

Melissa Klug denies problems with Samahara Lobatón: “I will always be there for my children”

He spoke loud and clear. Melissa klug He saw himself in the eye of the storm after the reconciliation of Samahara Lobatón and Youna, as he announced that he did not approve, but now he has come out to deny the problems. After spending Christmas with her daughter and granddaughter Xianna without the barber, the chalaca referred to her family, and made it clear that she will always support them, even though she does not agree with their decisions.

“As parents one advises, each child makes their decisions that we may not like, but I will always be there for my children even if they are wrong,” he said in an interview with a local newspaper. With his words, and without mentioning her, Melissa klug he would have referred to Samahara Lobatón, and the decision would be Youna, who she said should come forward to apologize after the incident where they both ended up in the police station for violence.