Melissa Klug and Raúl Marquina: How their love story started and why they ended

Melissa Klug has had several romances, of which she had children with three of her partners. The businesswoman became a mother while still a teenager, and at the age of 14 she had her first daughter. Back then, the businessman Raul Marquina, the father of her daughter, was 12 years older than her. His first-born businesswoman is called Gianella Marquina.

Klug She told in The Value of Truth that she celebrated her 15th birthday while pregnant and had to withdraw from school in the third year of secondary school, to go to an unschooled one.

I finished my studies, I went with my belly because I was not in school, you can go as you want, the idea is that you study ”, detailed back then in “The value of truth”.

Melissa Klug and Raúl Marquina

Very little is known about the relationship between the businesswoman Melissa klug and the businessman Raúl Marquina. being just a fifteen-year-old, she had a relationship with the businessman Raul Marquina, back then, the best friend of Abel Lobatón. However, according to statements by Marquina himself, the ‘chalaca’ was not his official girlfriend.

Melissa Klug revealed in “The Value of Truth” that she met the businessman while she was still a teenager and he was 12 years older than her. The influencer also acknowledged that they were very irresponsible when they got pregnant.

The Klug She revealed that being practically a girl, she was afraid of the situation she was in and that is why she was girdling herself so that they would not notice her pregnancy.

Why did Melissa Klug and Raúl Marquina end?

In 2000 the relationship between Melissa Klug and Raúl Marquina It was the beginning and the fruit of that love relationship, they had a daughter who just turned 22 years old. According to the employer Raul Marquina revealed that he spent a year with the “white chucuito” but at the same time had a three-year relationship with another woman, that is why he did not continue the relationship with Melissa.