Melissa Klug assures LIVE that her wedding will be more luxurious than Ethel Pozo’s: “It will be more ficho”

The popular influencer Melissa Klug is organizing an exclusive wedding with her boyfriend Jesús Barco, which will give a lot to talk about. This time, the ‘White from Chucuito‘ left viewers of En boca de Todos in shock by making it clear that their marriage will be more luxurious than that of Ethel Pozo with Julian Alexander.

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As is known, the ‘chalaca‘ has shown on her social networks that she likes to enjoy luxuries like when she went to eat snails with her boyfriend in an exclusive restaurant in Lima. For this reason, the public figure made it clear that her civil union will be totally special not only for the moment but for the budget.

This Wednesday, September 21, Melissa Klug assured in front of television cameras that her wedding with Jesus Boat It is a fact and they would even have the date. However, the businesswoman surprised everyone by assuring that her wedding will be more than Ethel Pozo and Julián Alexander’s, who would have spent thousands of soles on the ceremony.

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Melissa Klug swears that she is not “toxic” with Jesús Barco: “He knows that I am not”

He spoke loud and clear. Melissa Klug is happy in a relationship with Jesús Barco and both have just completed two years together as a couple. For this, she went out with everything to deny some rumors. In the latest edition of America Today, This Friday, September 9, the popular “Blanca de Chucuito” came to the set as a guest and was ruthlessly trolled by the drivers.

Initially, they asked Melissa Klug due to the toxicity of Jesus Boat, and she denied that he is. “I can go out with my friends, share, there are no days off,” she specified. However, this did not stop there, because later the drivers reminded her of her curious question to the soccer player on her social networks and she assured that she does not have toxic attitudes with him.

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Melissa Klug answers a user who asked if she is looking to get pregnant with Jesús Barco

After two years of relationship Melissa Klug and Jesús Barco, the ‘Chalaco’ on Instagram, let them ask him questions and among one of them he highlighted if you would be trying to have a child with your partner. The answer of Klug It was clear, and he stated that he would be trying to have a new member in his family along with the footballer who wears the pink Sport Boys shirt.

Melissa Klug and soccer player Jesús Barco decided to get engaged on September 17, 2021, a year into their relationship. They made their commitment official through their social networks.

It was Melissa’s daughters who colluded with Jesús Barco to surprise his mother with a marriage proposal on their anniversary day. To do this, she decorated her house with tender details such as heart balloons and the phrase “Marry me” (Marry me).

YOU CAN SEE: Melissa Klug acknowledges that it is not easy to raise children of Jefferson Farfán: “It takes a lot of patience”

What career did Melissa Klug study and her reasons for not practicing it?

The businesswoman and ex-partner of Jefferson Farfán, Melissa Klug had her first daughter when she was in school, but even so she managed to finish her school studies and then study a career to which he could not dedicate himself. Find out in this note The popular all the details of the studies carried out by Jesús Barco’s partner.

“What no one knows is that later I started studying English, I don’t remember anymore so don’t even ask me,” he joked ‘the white one from Chucuito’. “Then I studied to be a fly hostel, but I never got the title because I didn’t exercise it,” confessed the ex-partner and mother of children with the soccer player Jefferson Farfan.