Melissa Klug celebrates 95 years of her grandmother and dedicates a meaningful message to her: “The queen of my life”

Melissa klug He often shares the most picturesque moments that occur on his family’s special dates, and today was no exception. The matriarch of the Klug clan could not help but be very excited about the 95th birthday of her grandmother Angelita, whom she has referred to multiple times as a mother, as she raised and cared for her when she was an infant.

In this way, the Chalaca businesswoman shared through her profile of Instagram part of what was the celebration in honor of his mother’s mother in the morning.

The footballer’s partner Jesús Barco documented his summer birthday decoration and the great banquet that was on a long table. Among the foods that were seen in the audiovisual clip, there were fruits, flavored juices, donuts, multi-layered cakes and breads. “Breakfast for the queen of my life for her 95 years“Said the legend of the story that posted on his social platform.

Happy birthday to my queen, the owner of my life … What a privilege to celebrate your 95 years by your side, my matriarch I only ask God to give you health to continue celebrating together for many more years … I love you with my life, Angelita, “Samahara Lobatón’s mother wrote in a publication that was posted in another of her Instagram states.

There, a collage of many photos appeared between her and her beloved nona.

Melissa klug He made it clear that he does not have any problem or fight with his daughter Samahara, after the influencer announced that he did not spend Christmas with his mother, but with his partner, Youna, and his daughter Xianna.

Along these lines, the ‘Blanca de Chucuito’ stressed her unconditional support for her blood relatives, despite not agreeing with the decisions they may make. “As parents, one advises, each child makes his or her own decisions, which we may not like; but I will always be there for my children, even if they are wrong“Said the TV figure in conversations with the local newspaper Trome.