Melissa Klug confronts Brunella Horna for a question about her boyfriend: “I have more belt than you”

A tense moment was lived between Melissa Klüg and Brunella Horna in “América hoy” this Thursday, November 24. What happened? It turns out that the television host asked the businesswoman a question about Jesús Barco and she became uncomfortable. For a moment, the situation got out of control and the production had to change the subject. As I finish all? Here we tell you.

In the middle of a question and answer session, Brunella Horna asked Melissa Klug which soccer club Jesús Barco would play for in 2023. “This (next) year, where will he play?” he said.

Faced with this question, “Blanca de Chucuito” gave a blunt response and made it very clear that she would not talk at all about her boyfriend’s career. “You have to ask him, he will surely appear on a sports channel because show business is not her business, but soccer,” she asserted.

These statements left ‘Baby Brune’ surprised, who assured that her interviewee had been stung by what she said; However, this she replied: “Things that come from you will never sting me”.

Later, when a report on Rafael Cardozo and Cachaza was broadcast, the presenter said that Rafael “does have a leash.” Melissa Klug confronted her: “What do you mean? I don’t have a leash?… I have more belt than you, mamacita, and more experience”.

This was not to Brunella’s liking, as she expressed: “With everything they’ve told me on TV, you think I’m not going to have a leash.” Finally, Jefferson Farfán’s ex-partner said: “I feel that I don’t.”