Melissa Klug distances herself from Jefferson Farfán: “I’m not talking about the father of my children” [VIDEO]

He doesn’t even want to be named. Melissa Klug tries not to mention Jefferson Farfán, but a few days ago she surprised her a few days ago by revealing that it was not easy to raise the children she had with him. Now, she’s back to her initial approach and won’t even say what his name is.

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All was evidenced in a recent interview with The popular. The chalaca was intercepted by our cameras at the exit of the América TV studios, this Thursday, September 22, and surprised with her statements about the popular ‘seal‘. Everything happened after his participation in América Hoy.

Initially, Melissa Klug She was questioned about the preparations for the wedding with Jesús Barco, which she announced will take place next year 2023 and even “will be bigger than that of Ethel Pozo and Julián Alexander. “All good”, was what the mother of the Klug sisters.

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The popular was then asked ‘White from Chucuito‘ about the rumors surrounding the alleged retirement from football of the father of his two little ones, Jeremy and Adriano, and this time his reaction was surprising, as he made it clear that he had nothing to do with it.

Melissa Klug She was uncomfortable and completely distanced herself from Jefferson Farfan, thus avoiding giving details of his life. “I am not talking about the father of my children,” was what she said before the cameras of The popular. What do you think?

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Melissa Klug calls Brunella Horna “toxic” and she blocks her: “I don’t want to throw myself off the balcony”

Remember that weeks ago, Melissa Klug did not expect what Brunella Horna I would tell him when putting the patch on him without any filter, reminding him of a controversial fight he had with Jesús Barco a few months ago after his birthday party, at his home in Chucuito in Callao.

“I don’t want to throw myself off the balcony, Melissa,” was what Richard Acuña’s partner said without mincing words, to which the ‘White from Chucuito’ He answered smoothly, explaining what happened. “There I was not dreaming, I was sharing,” she sentenced.