Melissa Klug ENRAGES and calls the producer of América Hoy “macho”: “I’m not the ‘mom’ of Jesus” [VIDEO]

Fire! Melissa Klüg He has just returned from a trip through Asia with Jesús Barco, which he paid in full, and did not expect the producer of America Today, Armando Tafur, want to grab her by point for her romance. Given this, she squared it LIVE.

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In the latest edition of the América TV program, the chalaca came as a guest to be part of the “Myth or Truth” segment, and they asked her a question about the age difference with her partner.

Given this, Brunella Horna came out in defense of Melissa Klugg, and recalled that Richard Acuña brings the same to her as what the other couple takes. “We’re the same age, it’s the same,” she said for Jesus Boat.

Given this, the popularWhite of chucuito’ lashed out at the producer Armando Tafur. “That’s why I say, when we go on our honeymoon, Brunella is going to say that you are going with your dad. Armando has said it, we are in a macho world,” she said. Oops!

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Who is Melissa Klug and what does she do?

Melissa Klug from Orbegozo She is a businesswoman and figure of the national show business. She would go on to co-found and partner in the beauty brands “Gucoss Nailsbar” and “MGM Barberos”. She has three daughters named Gianella Marquina, Melissa and Samahara Lobaton, in addition to two sons named Adriano and Jeremy Farfán, of his affair with Jefferson Farfan.

Their controversial relationship ended with the following statement. “The only point to clarify is that I am separated from the mother of my two male children. This separation occurred before the Copa América and not as has been speculated,” the footballer’s press message dictated after being caught with a blonde Yahaira Plasencia back in 2015.