Melissa Klug: How did you raise your daughters Gianella, Samahara and Melissa at 18?

Melissa Klug is one of the show business moms with the most children. The “White from Chucuito” She has five children, three women and two men at only 38 years of age, since she began motherhood at the early age of 15, having her first daughter, Gianella Marquina.

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Already 18 years old, Melissa Klug He had three daughters. Two new little girls had come into her life as a result of her relationship with former soccer player Abel Lobatón. However, she did not do it alone, but with the help of her grandmother. In this note from El Popular we tell you how she educated her daughters Gianella, Samahara and Melissa when she reached adulthood.

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Melissa Klug: How did you raise your three daughters at 18?

Melissa Klug She became a mother at the age of 15 and since then she had to cope with the new responsibility, but she also had the help of her grandmother. This is how she told it in “You are in All”.

“I did not expect. Nobody expects to be a mother at the age of 15, but I put up with it and had the support of my grandmother because my mother worked. At 18, she already had three daughters, imagine, “she said at that time.

What’s more, Melissa Klug She was candid in saying that she doesn’t know exactly how she managed to raise three children at the age of 18, but remembers that for her, her daughters were like her dolls. “I played mom, they were my dolls. It is that if they come to tell you now, I dressed them and treated them like my dolls, that is, I dressed them like the barbie, I loved it”.

“I don’t know how I did it, but a mother learns to be a mother when her children are born. They teach you. No one comes to you with a manual to tell you what is correct and what is not, but they taught me a lot and to this day I do not understand how I could because Samahara goes crazy with one and I say, at your age I was three ” , sentenced.

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Melissa Klug: Who are your three daughters?

Gianna Marquina

Gianna Marquina She is the first daughter of Melissa Klug and her father is businessman Raúl Marquina. She is currently 22 years old and is studying Law. In addition, she has just started professional internships, which is why she said she was exhausted, since she had to reformulate her schedule. She is also an influencer and many girls follow her because of her style of dressing.

Samahara Lobaton

Samahara Lobaton is the second daughter of Melissa Klug. Her father is former soccer player Abel Lobatón and she has a sister from father and mother: Melissa Lobatón. She is the most direct and rebellious of the daughters of the chalaca and in 2020 she became the mother of little Xianna, a product of her relationship with the barber Youna. The young woman left her university studies and is now an influencer.

Melissa Lobaton

Melissa Lobaton She is the last daughter of Melissa Klug and her father is also former soccer player Abel Lobatón. She is currently the youngest, she is 19 years old and studies Communication and Marketing. However, she would also be interested in baking.