Melissa Klug responds to malicious comments: “They will never be able to with you” [VIDEO]

You will not let your happiness be overshadowed. The chalaca Melissa Klug surprised with a thoughtful message on her social networks with which she would respond to her detractors for the series of malicious comments they make about her person and her partner Jesús Barco, and assures that she will turn a deaf ear to everyone.

“I love your voice, your smile, I love your smell, your simplicity, I love your hands, your caresses, every detail of your being, I love that shine in your gaze that tells me to stay”, was the romantic message that the footballer dedicated to the businesswoman and that would have aroused the jealousy of her haters, along with rumors that they would already be in preparation for their next wedding.

Given this, the popular ‘Blanca de Chucuito ‘ shared in his Instagram official a fragment of one of the writings of the author Albert Espinola, which makes it clear that despite jealousy, she will live her life to the fullest.

“Do not be angry … Turn a deaf ear to those comments. To those words that have been directed towards you with evil, because in reality these words have no power if you do not give them importance. There are people who want to see you badly … your wishes are greater than they and they will never be able to with you. You will always win. Blame them, because deep down they are not bad, they are just jealous and want to see you unhappy … “, dictated the text that he posted Melissa klug.

Melissa Klug counts down “to almost a month” and assures “the best is yet to come”, wedding with Barco?

The chalaca Melissa Klug has been surprising her fans with mysterious post that they would let see would be in a countdown this 2022, is the wedding with Jesús Barco coming up?

“The best is yet to come and when I say the best is yet to come I also mean you, you recovering from the wound, loving you again, believing in you again, multiplying who you are until the end of time,” he dictated one of the messages he shared with his social networks.