Melissa Klug reveals that Jesús Barco paid for her trip to Thailand: “He told me I will fulfill one of your dreams” [VIDEO]

Live in eternal honeymoon. The chalaca businesswoman Melissa Klüg He is back from his trip to Thailand with Jesús Barco. He now he was encouraged to visit america today to tell details of his journey through this wonderful country. Likewise, he clarified who assumed the expenses of everything.

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The ‘Blanca de Chucuito’ said that it was always her dream to meet thailand and his partner knew it very well that on his second anniversary he gave him this gift. “When we were two years old, he told me that we are going on a trip,” she said.

Later Brunella Horna He asked her if she paid the expenses of the trip in the end, but Melissa Klug indicated that she would not have to lie, since it was a gift from her boyfriend. “She gave me my trip for two years,” she highlighted.

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Melissa Klug said that her daughters walked her with the gift of this trip

Melissa Klüg indicated that her daughters knew of her strong desire to meet thailand and that many times they ‘walked her’ with the idea that they would fulfill this dream, which in the end was given to her by the footballer.

Likewise, Edson Dávila hesitated that he went to Europe with his manager. “He gave her his trip,” he noted.