Melissa Klug: what did the businesswoman’s daughters study and what are they currently doing?

They have grown up and now they are studying. Melissa Klüg He has raised his daughters in front of the public eye as a result of the long relationship he had with the soccer player Jefferson Farfán. In various programs, reports of the businesswoman were seen with her family and now that the little ones have grown they decided to forge her own future.

The businesswoman Melissa Klug on social networks is always proud of the 5 children she has. Of them, the 3 are her eldest daughters Gianella Marquina, Samahara Lobatón and Melissa Lobatón, the result of her relationship with the former soccer player Abel Lobatón. While the latter are 2 men, they were born from her long romance with Jefferson Farfán.

Gianella Marquina She is the eldest daughter of Melissa Klug. The 22-year-old is close to finishing the law career at the Peruvian University of Applied Sciences (UPC) and has already been doing her pre-professional practices.

On his Instagram account, he surprised weeks ago by reporting that he had visited the Peruvian Congress as part of his work as an intern. Parallel to her studies and work, Gianella works on her social networks advertising various products and is the image of various brands.

Melissa Lobaton Klug She is the youngest daughter of Melissa Klug. The young woman turned 18 in 2020 and since that date she has been seen working on her social networks promoting various brands and creating various beauty videos.

Although not much is known about her private life, Melissa revealed last September that she decided to change her university degree and pointed out that her new studies are related to gastronomy. “I am one of those people who say that they have to study something that they love,” she commented on her Instagram account.

The second daughter of Melissa Klug, Samahara Lobaton it is the one that has been most exposed in the public eye. The young woman has participated in various television programs such as “Combate” and recently in “El gran show”.

Previously, the young woman studied Marketing and Advertising, but did not finish her degree. After being eliminated from the Gisela Valcárcel contest, the young woman announced that she would travel abroad to study and according to her mother, Melissa Klug, she would enroll in a course to be an Initial Education assistant.

However, to date he has not made the trip and on his social networks he can be seen generating content and working with various national brands.