Melissa Klug: What does Gianella Marquina, her eldest daughter, do?

Melissa Klug had a relationship with businessman Raúl Marquina, from which she was born Gianella Marquina Klug who turned 22 last year and did not hesitate to celebrate in style as a whole ‘Klug Girl’. Although the ‘chalaca’ has revealed that she had her firstborn when she was just a teenager, apparently she did a great job since Gianna Marquina She shows herself in her social networks very focused and focused on her studies.

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Recently the largest of ‘The Klugs’ interacted on her official Instagram account with her followers, she put the box of questions in order to answer any questions from her fans. This is how she revealed a picture of her where she mentions that she was very nervous at her first job interview.

Before this publication in the stories of his Instagram, many have wondered what he studies Gianna Marquinathat is why today The popular We tell you what career decided to study the smug of Melissa Klug.

Melissa Klug: What does Gianella Marquina study?

The eldest of the businesswoman’s children Melissa Klug At only 22 years old, he is about to finish his career. She has mentioned that she is studying Law at the University of Applied Sciences (UPC).

Gianna Marquina says that it is a complicated race where you have to read a lot: “After all this cycle, the week of finals has been the most relaxed I’ve ever had,” says the influencer in an interview on YouTube.

Who is Gianella Marquina?

Gianella Marquina is the oldest of 5 siblings, and has always shown a more serious personality. And despite being a recognized influencer on Instagram, she does not usually reveal her private life.

Despite his young age, Gianna Marquina It has become an image of fashion in the country, having many followers on its official Instagram account who are waiting for each publication of the largest of the Klug.

the influencer It has almost 100,000 followers on its official Instagram account, in this way it obtains many benefits by being one of those that it obtains exchanges from different brands.

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Gianella Marquina turned 22 and shows her father for the first time with Melissa Klug

Melissa Klug’s daughter, Gianna Marquinalast year he turned 22 and, true to his family style, they celebrated in a big way as they usually do.

But without a doubt, what attracted a lot of attention was seeing Gianella’s Instagram stories, where for the first time in a long time, her father was seen with Melissa Klugwho seem to get along very well despite the fact that they are no longer together

With cake in hand, the parents happily celebrated another year of their conceit because, unlike their other daughters, Gianella remains very close to her mother and father.

Gianella Marquina and the good relationship with her father Raúl Marquina

Little is known about the father of Melissa Klug’s eldest daughter is that is a successful businessman who was born in Callao, where he met the ‘Blanca de Chucuito’. They both became parents very young, but the relationship did not work out. However, that was not an impediment to good communication for their only daughter.

Despite Gianna Marquina He is a figure of social networks, he has not wanted to expose his father Raúl Marquina, but for his birthday he has made the exception and put a photo of his parents together.

Why did Melissa Klug and Gianella Marquina’s father end up?

In the year 2000, the relationship between Melissa Klug and Raul Marquina It began and as a result of that love relationship they had a daughter who has just turned 22 years old. According to the businessman Raul Marquina He revealed that he was with the “blanca de chucuito” for a year but that at the same time he had a three-year relationship with another woman, that is why he did not continue the romantic relationship with Melissa.