Melissa Klug: what does the luxurious house where the businesswoman lives with her 5 children look like?

Melissa Klüg He has become one of the most famous characters on Peruvian television. At 39 years old, the businesswoman enjoys a great life with her 5 children and, weeks ago, she made the big announcement that she is pregnant, the result of her relationship with the soccer player jesus boat. People have been interested in the life of the influence and here we tell you details about the luxurious house where he lives with his family.

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Where do Melissa Klug and her children live?

Melissa Klug came forward to answer the questions that arose after confirming her pregnancy with Jesús Barco and clarified that she will continue to live in the same residence where she has been for a few years, since said house belongs to her and her children.

“They can speculate many things and say what they want, that is my house and that of my children”Melissa clarified for the “America Today” cameras.

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What does the house where Melissa Klug lives look like?

Melissa Klug’s house is located in one of the most exclusive areas of Lima. The residence has large rooms that have been shared by the same businesswoman on her social networks on several occasions. The place It has 6 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, a large kitchen, terrace and even has a large pool.

House with exterior view

Melissa Klug’s residence has a great view to the outside thanks to the balcony that the house has. It has a large garage that allows you to store 2 more cars.

Melissa Klug at her exclusive residence. Photo: Instagram

Melissa Klug’s bedroom

Melissa Klug has a large bedroom in her house. She even has a walk-in closet in which she keeps all her clothing and bags.

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large terrace

Melissa Klugg. Photo: Instagram


Melissa Klug in her pool. Photo: Instagram