Melissa Klug: what does your daughter Melissa Lobatón do after leaving her university degree?

Melissa Lobaton is the youngest of the daughters of Melissa Klüg, but just over two years ago he already came of age. The young influencer had been training professionally to forge an academic and professional future, but, until recently, it was learned that she decided to abandon the Integral Communication career to work in a completely different field. This is how she made it known to her mother, the ‘Blanca de Chucuito’, in interaction with her social media followers.

Jefferson Farfán’s ex-partner took advantage of the weekend to carry out a question-and-answer dynamic with his followers on social networks. It was in the midst of this situation that she spoke about the student future of her heiress. Find out, in this note, the reason why Melissa Lobatón decided to step aside from her old profession and in what activities she has been investing her time today.

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Why did Melissa Lobatón abandon her university career?

Why did Meli stop studying Integral Communication?”, Was the curiosity that Melissa Klug was left in her Instagram question box, to which she had no problem in giving the explanations of the case. As she indicated she, sor heiress became aware that she had qualities for another profession that was not Integral Communication. At the same time, he stopped pursuing his old profession. “Because he didn’t like that race very much,” explained the public figure.

Melissa Klug explained why her daughter Melissa Lobatón dropped out of college. Photo: composition/Melissa Lobatón/Instagram

What does Melissa Lobatón do today?

But that was not all. Melissa Klug also came close to giving details about what her daughter Melissa Lobatón had been developing after leaving behind the aforementioned profession that she chose for her future. “She started studying Pastry and she loves it”revealed the couple of Jesús Barco.

Melissa Klug answers questions on her Instagram stories. Photo: Melissa Klug/Instagram

Melissa Klug proudly boasts her daughter’s entrepreneurship

Melissa Lobatón had already made known her great love for preparing desserts. At the beginning of February of this year, the young influencer decided to start her own pastry business, and the support of her family, especially her parent Melisa Klug, was not long in coming. The matriarch of the Klug clan took advantage of her in giving her full support to her relative and wished her small business prosperity.

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“I am so proud of you, my beautiful big lady, for your new venture. Delight everyone with your desserts. I celebrate and admire you,” read the encouraging description that “Blanca de Chucuito” left on Instagram.

Who is Melissa Lobaton?

Melissa Lobatón Klug is one of the five heirs of Melissa Klug, she is 22 years old and is a well-known Peruvian influencer. On her social platforms, she shows how passionate she is about traveling, spending time with her family, friends and her crush, and spending her free time preparing sweet and savory desserts. She has even, on more than one occasion, documented the process of each of her favorite dishes and juices and has left them immortalized on her networks.

Melissa Lobatón Klug is the youngest daughter of Melissa Klug. Photo: composition LR