Melissa Klug: Why were Gianella Marquina and Melissa Lobatón blocked on networks?

The sisters Gianella Marquina and Melissa Lobatón have always been very close, as with their sister Samahara LobatonHowever, it was recently known that Melissa Klug’s daughters were blocked in networks, surprising locals and strangers. What had really happened? In this note from El Popular we tell you what happened.

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Why were Melissa Klug’s daughters blocked from networks?

At the end of 2021, Gianella Marquina and Melissa Lobaton They had a strong fight, which led them to stop following each other on their social networks such as Instagram and there was even a distancing. After what happened, Melissa Klug, mother of both, told what really happened.

According to “White from Chucuito”, Gianella Marquina and Melissa Lobatón blocked each other back then over a silly fight. Given this, Rodrigo González asked him if it was true that Gianella’s current lover is Melissa’s ex, to which the businesswoman ruled him out and clarified.

“It is said that they fought because Gianella’s lover would be Melissa Lobatón’s ex”, asked “Peluchín”; to which Melissa Klug replied, “Gianella’s current crush is Melissa’s best friend. What happens is that there may be a theme of jealousy that (he) no longer stops with Melissa because now he is skinny with Gianella.

Have Gianella Marquina and Melissa Lobatón reconciled after fighting?

After this impasse, the same Melissa Klug revealed the relationship between Gianella Marquina and Melissa Lobaton. He said that the differences between the two are already things of the past and that everything is fine between their daughters.

“They quarreled foolishly. One of them had the urge to block and when it was time to block, ‘they stop following each other’. He had blocked the other from WhatsApp and also blocked her from Instagram. Well, they are fights between them ”, commented the couple of Jesús Barco.

Who are the children of Melissa Klug?

Melissa Klug he has five children. The first is Gianella Marquina, she is at university and studying law. The second is Samahara Lobatón and she is already a mother. Her little girl is called Xianna and she made “Blanca de Chucuito” a grandmother, while Melissa Lobatón is the youngest of her female daughters.

In addition, Melissa Klug has two other sons. They are minors and are the children of soccer player Jefferson Farfán, with whom he had a relationship for almost eleven years.