Melissa Klug will sue Jefferson Farfán for psychological damages against her children: “There is no other way”

He wants justice. Melissa Klug and Jefferson Farfán had been having a cordial parental relationship in recent months, after various legal problems, as well as bickering. However, all this changed and thus it became clear because the chalaca announced with everything that she will sue her ex-partner. Because? We tell you HERE.

In the last edition of Magaly TV The Firm, Last night, Wednesday, April 19, the businesswoman made it clear to the space of the ‘Magpie‘ that he will not support alleged psychological abuse from the father of his children to these, and made the drastic decision to start a new legal process.

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This was exposed in a chat he had Melissa Klüg with members of the production of the Magaly Medina program, where she announces the measure that she has now decided to follow along with her legal team.

“The same as always, the lack of time. Before because she lived abroad. And now? In short, my children are grown and I am not going to allow him to continue damaging them psychologically, and a lot of abuse. Since he loves lawsuits and lawsuits, we will continue to see each other there, there is no other way, but I will not allow more damage to my children, ”she indicated.

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Melissa Klug accuses Jefferson Farfán of “pretending”

At another point in the conversation, Melissa Klüg mercilessly accused Jefferson Farfan of “pretending” on social networks that they would supposedly spend time with their children when this is not necessarily so, but different.

The popular ‘white of chucuito‘ This is how he also threw out his ex and criticized that he has chosen to send his lawyer to justify his actions with minors, instead of being able to undo them.

The realities are different, but, well, it won’t hurt my children anymore. He said that he would pick up my son for the first time in his life to take him to school, and what happened? She left him waiting on the street for hours and he never showed up. Then he sent the lawyer to justify herself, ”he said Melissa Klugg.