Melissa Loza: Why does your daughter Flavia call Roberto Martínez “papa”?

Melissa Loza and Roberto Martínez maintained a relationship for many years, the result of which is the excellent relationship that the former footballer has with Flavia Ramos, daughter of the reality girl. The young woman seems to have a great future because at her young age she already launched herself as a model for Alejandra Baigorria’s company.

Flavia He has always had a very special connection with his mother, so he always got along very well with his partners, but there is one that stands out and we are talking about Roberto Martínez who he has a deep affection for and even calls him Dad.

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The love story between Melissa and Roberto

The romance between Melissa Loza and Roberto Martínez They were one of the most solid couples in Peruvian entertainment, because at that time we all believed that the ex-footballer had already found the love of his life after the failure of his two marriages, with Gisela Valcárcel and Viviana Rivasplata.

Like any love story at the beginning, everything was rosy and it was going from strength to strength, but everything went downhill when in 2010 the ex-footballer received a call to participate in the program El Gran Show, which was hosted by his ex-wife Gisela .

This situation broke their relationship and Melissa He decided to end his romance due to the bickering that would be generated with his participation in the ‘lure’ program.

“I didn’t want him to go to ‘The Big Show.’ Until one day I clarified to him that I was going to go anyway and he threatened me that if I did, I would leave the house. I saw her taking my clothes out of the drawers, I thought it was a joke and it turned out to be true ”, she said. Robert in the program The Value of Truth.

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How old is Flavia Ramos?

The first Melissa Loza’s daughter is named Flavia Ramos Loza and today he is 19 years old. Being in this way that Melissa Loza has always shown her pride over her first-born daughter and has referred to her in various television appearances. However, the model also dedicated a special message to her descendant on the day she came of age.

Why does Melissa’s daughter call Roberto daddy?

When Melissa Loza and Roberto Martínez iThey started a relationship, the reality girl a few years before had been a mother for the first time so her little daughter was still very young when she was a partner of the ex-footballer.

This led to the fact that in the 6 and a half years of their relationship, Flavia had great affection for Roberto because he showed himself as a father to her and even today she has great appreciation for him and is reciprocal.

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Roberto Martínez shares a tender moment with Melissa Loza’s daughter: “With the princess”

In Boca de Todos he had Roberto Martínez as a special guest and he had no qualms about giving a few words of encouragement to the future mother Ivana Yturbe, for which he revealed some details of his relationship with Flavia and how happy he is to be a father.

Rather I congratulate you on your belly, you will do very well, the best in the world will come to you, look, I have Flavia and Joaquín, it will change your life enormously for the better, “said Roberto in the first place.” Congratulations again, “he added shortly after.

Melissa Loza and her terrible car accident

The ex-partner when they were participants of the reality show This is war, suffered a traffic accident at the intersection of Germán Aguirre and Universitaria avenues, in San Martín de Porres.The model suffered the worst part of the quadruple crash, for which she was transferred to the Jesús del Norte clinic, in Independencia, to be attended.

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