Melissa Paredes and activator celebrate their first anniversary: ​​”Difficult, they have fucked… they couldn’t more” [VIDEO]

Against all odds, Melissa Paredes and the “activator” Anthony Aranda celebrate their first anniversary as lovers today. “No relationship has gone through (problems) like us,” said the model and actress, who expects to receive a series of surprises from her favorite dancer. Today they celebrate yes or yes.

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On October 23, 2021, Melissa Paredes She was supported by the program ‘Magaly TV la firme’ giving effusive kisses with her dancer from ‘Reinas del show’, when she was still married to Rodrigo ‘Cat’ Cuba. After 12 months together, the couple can shout from the four winds that love reigned and was stronger than criticism.

“Today we celebrate a year of relationship. It has been very difficult, but the coming years will be better, we are sure of that,” said the contestant of ‘The big show’. “They’ve fucked up … they couldn’t. What stress! But in all it was a very nice year. No relationship has gone through as much as we have,” he added on his networks.

In this sense, Melissa Paredes congratulated her boyfriend on his story of Instagram. “Happy anniversary (Happy anniversary).” He closed his message with a reflection, and also, he advanced some projects together. “What does not kill you makes you stronger, literally. Nice things are coming that they will find out, for those who were always there, thank you.”

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Melissa Paredes shouts her love to the ‘activator’: “I love you!”

As a wonderful and complete man, that’s how he expressed himself Melissa Paredes when talking about her boyfriend Anthony Aranda. At the seventh gala of ‘El Gran Show’, the well-remembered star of ‘Ojitos sorcereros’ and ‘Dos hermanas’, surprised with more than one revelation. “I think that two or three years from now I would like to be a mother again.”

“Anthony is a wonderful man, a complete man and I am surprised at the way he deals with the person I love the most in the universe (his daughter) and their connection is beautiful,” he added live. It is worth mentioning that today they celebrate their first year in love. “I love you,” wrote the also dancer on her networks.