Melissa Paredes and her tender reunion with her daughter: “We miss each other too much” [VIDEO]

Mother’s Love. The Peruvian model Melissa Paredes showed that she could not bear the anxiety of not seeing her little girl, with whom she was reunited after a week of being apart.

Through their social networks, the show host showed her tender reunion with her little girl, who never stopped filling her with kisses and hugs: “As we miss each other tooooo” “Mmmm I love you,” she wrote.

In the images that the ex girl reality shared with her thousands of followers, you can see how the minor repeatedly did not stop pampering her mother.

This act was repeated several times during his day and Melissa Paredes He did not hesitate to post his daughter’s excessive show of love: “Now I am upset, because … ha, ha, ha. No pig, nooo, ha, ha, ha.”

Melissa Paredes surprises fans with her cocky ‘new’: “I just adopted her”

The model and influencer Melissa Paredes surprised all her followers with the news that she supposedly adopted a tender baby. Here we will tell you all the details of this note.

“Well I’m going to tell you that I just adopted her, it’s ha, ha, ha”, you can hear him say to Melissa Paredes in your clip of InstagramThis while in the background he listens to a woman laugh at what the former presenter of America Today.