Melissa Paredes asks Renato Tapia to sign her son with Daniela Castro: “You have to be a man”

the journalist Magaly Medina returned strongly to the small screen by revealing the secret Renato Tapia’s best saved, one of the most beloved teams in football. After learning of the complaint filed by his ex-partner Daniela Castro, the athlete is on everyone’s lips and has received various criticisms from some users and public figures. Now, Melissa Paredes couldn’t help but comment on it and place an order.

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At the start of the program, the drivers of ‘turn onThey did not hesitate to refer to the “bomb” of the “Urraca” against the athlete, who is married to Andrea Cordero. “How is it possible that a person who gets pregnant is then asked to go live with the cousin of Renato Tapia p.So that this cousin has her a little kidnapped so that she doesn’t publish pictures of the child. In what world does something like that look like, “she began by saying ‘Nosy’

In addition, Karla Tarazona’sHe spoke and gave his point of view. “One thing is the professional life of this person and another is the personal life. For many it was a surprise because of course, REnato Tapia He is a person who has never been involved in scandals, less in this type of situation, however, Daniela denounced that Renato does not want to sign the creature, “said Rafael Fernández’s ex-partner.

Meanwhile, the opinion of Melissa Paredes Do not be late. She preferred to avoid talking about the minor, but she did send the soccer player “little”. “Unfortunately, in my case, I cannot give an opinion beyond what I do not know. Sometimes on television there is a lot of talk, there is speculation, it is said and in the end, it is not what it seems. In this case, I am not going to give my opinion about the child, what to say to Renato Tapia in such a case, what is it hard for him to sign, I think you have to be a man too,” he said.

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How did the love story of Renato Tapia and his ex-partner Daniela Castro begin?

Daniela Castro and Renato Tapia met when they were children. He even attended his fifteen-year-old, because they were very close. Now, the young mother of the family was encouraged to confess to Magaly Medina that she and he had an affair from the age of 9 to 13. Years passed and they lost communication, the athlete married Andrea Cordero, but both met again on a trip .

Daniela Castro She said that she became pregnant in 2016 and that she did introduce her son to the athlete. Likewise, she confessed that he sent her a certain amount of money, but that she later ignored her and she still does not recognize her 6-year-old son. She will legally sue the ballplayer so she can sign off her child and proper support.