Melissa Paredes defends firefighters after attacks: “A little more empathy for those protesters”

Put the chest Melissa Paredes referred to the unfortunate events that occurred in the protests on Thursday, January 19 in the capital. During the Taking of Limaa fire broke out in the vicinity of the San Martin Plaza, so a fire unit approached the scene to try to fight the flames. Unfortunately, many men in red reported having been attacked on the way to the scene, in addition to making it difficult for them to reach the area of ​​the accident.

“Make a call to the people, avoid this type of thing. Why attack the fire brigade? You who with disinterested help give unconditional support to people regardless of their social status, whether they are from the north or the south. What it is about here is to behave like civilized people, empathetic people, that we support, but that of beating and mistreating, stoning the firefighters, is disrespectful. Above all, because it was said that it was a peace march and that it would not end as we have already seen on the screens”, declared Karla Tarazona.

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What did Melissa Paredes say?

The host of “Light it up” highlighted the actions of the firefighters in their civic work and asked the protesters to “have a little empathy” so that the men in red can carry out their work in the best conditions.

“We have said on this show, yes, your voice has to be heard. Yes, you can come to Lima and protest, you have every right, but… empathy among Peruvians implies that if you see a fire, you have to let the firefighters pass, a little more empathy for those protesters”, asserted Melissa Paredes.

Melissa approves Luciana Fuster’s application for Miss Peru: “She has the prototype of a Peruvian”

During her presentation in “This is war”, Luciana Fuster confirmed her participation in Miss Peru, which has generated endless comments. One of those who spoke was Melissa Paredes, who congratulated the application of the reality girl in the famous beauty pageant. “I love Luciana Fuster, I do see her with the prototype of a typical Peruvian Miss Peru,” said the host.

However, Kurt Villavicencio mentioned that he still does not see her ready to join the competition and recommended that the model wait a little longer to participate in the contest.