Melissa Paredes formalizes relationship with Anthony Aranda: “A month ago we were in love”

Melissa Paredes She gave an interview to Women in command, in which she confirmed that she has a love affair with the dancer Anthony Aranda, with whom she was captured in a Magaly TV ampay, the firm and that triggered the end of her marriage with Rodrigo Cuba. The former television host revealed that a month ago they are a couple in love.

The interview with the actress from Dos Hermanas will be broadcast on the Latina signal next Monday, January 10. The journalist Thaís Casalino would have been in charge of asking him the questions.

“A month ago we were in love” the former reality girl is heard saying. Then, at another moment, she responds to those who continue to criticize her for the ampay with the dancer.

“It was like a punishment, why don’t they measure men and women by the same yardstick, a man is applauded, but we have to be perfect,” she said.

She told how she overcame that difficult moment she lived after starring in a media scandal with her ex-husband, the soccer player Rodrigo Cuba. “You can fall, you can trip, you can make mistakes, but the way you get up, that for me is the most important thing,” he said.

Everything indicates that Melissa Paredes would be the new figure of Women in command for the 2022 season. In the advance of the interview, she responds: “I honestly need to work.”