Melissa Paredes is touched by adopting 3 puppies: “I love animals”

He declares himself an animal lover. Former television host Melissa Paredes touched her thousands of fans by sharing a photo with three little dogs, which she would have recently adopted.

Through her social networks, the Peruvian model touched her followers with her emotional photographs with three puppy dogs, assuring that she loves animals.

It was via his official account Instagram that the former presenter of America Today showed his affection for dogs. In addition, it turned out that he would have adopted the little ones, it was like that.

“I could not do more with such tenderness with these beautiful little animals, I love them! I send them good night kisses,” was the message from Melissa Paredes.

Melissa Paredes surprises with dedication: “Living like this is dying of love”

The former television presenter Melissa Paredes surprises with a nostalgic dedication on her social networks, directed at her daughter or the Activator Cat? The model shared with her thousands of fans the song “Living like this is dying of love.”

What would attract more attention would be the lyrics of the song, which would indicate suffering for love: “To live like this is to die of love, for love I have a wounded soul, for love I have nothing but your life, melancholy.”