Melissa Paredes on the future of her relationship with Activator Cat: “Only God Knows” [VIDEO]

He does not know what can happen. Television host Melissa Paredes uncovers and gives details of her relationship with Anthony Aranda, with whom she says she does not know how long she will stay and entrusts her love to God. After being consulted in Women in command For how much she is in love with the dancer, the model does not hesitate to shout her love from the rooftops and reveals that it is the first time that she feels jealous of her partner.

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The show host Rodrigo González harshly questioned that the former figure of América Hoy continues to use his ampay with him. ‘Activator kitty’ to continue generating content, and as proof of this, he analyzed part of the statements of the also actress on her second day in MAM: “I was innocently singing ‘everything has its end’ … But, it is a very well-known song by Héctor Lavoe”, the former reality girl is heard saying with a clear hint to her ex-partner Rodrigo Cuba.

Seeing how cooperative the protagonist of “Hermanas” was, Giovanna valcarcel threw a question at him about his affair with Anthony Aranda: “Summer loves, they are stories that only last one summer, is your love summer? Or don’t you know?” Melissa Paredes She responded without fear: “Only God knows … This is the way things are, you never know what will happen … I have not been jealous, but now I am.”

This did not go unnoticed by the popular Peluchín, who warned the allegedly new Latina host about her karma in life: “Jealousy is because maybe the other person does not give you reasons, they have never given you any signal that causes an alarm to go off, because they are a person worthy of your trust. (But) when you cheat, and stay with that person, your karma becomes that, your Achilles heel becomes that. “

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Drivers of Amor y Fuego criticize Gato Cuba and Melissa Paredes for “confusing” their daughter

Former television host Melissa Paredes and Rodrigo Cuba have made their new relationships public, but Amor y Fuego hosts are concerned about the well-being of their little daughter. After both the model and the soccer player have decided to quickly rebuild their lives after their speedy divorce, fans and other public figures have expressed their regret over how the minor could react to these drastic changes.

“If for us as adults, as a public, it is still difficult for us to assimilate, can you imagine the rice with mango that a girl must have on her head? On the one hand, he sees the father holding the hand of a girl who is not the mana, kissing her, and on the other hand saying ‘Hello Anthony’ “, he sentenced Rodrigo gonzalez showing his deep concern for the daughter of the ex-partner, who would have to face new changes after the separation of her parents.