Melissa Paredes regrets not being able to go out for a walk with Anthony Aranda and blames “society” [VIDEO]

He washes his hands and blames society. The Peruvian model Melissa Paredes confessed exclusively for the Women in command program, and regretted not being able to enjoy her love with her current boyfriend Anthony Aranda As a normal couple, this is all because of the people who judge her after ampay who evidenced her apparent infidelity to her then-husband Rodrigo Cuba.

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“She who loves the Titanic, she who loves to emulate Rouss, came to finish sinking Latin mornings,” he commented at first Rodrigo gonzalez before parsing the model declarations to the space of Latina Television, and took the opportunity to remind her that the only one responsible for what would be happening in life would be her.

Through a special report, the program Love and fire presented the lament of the former presenter of America Today for not being able to live his love with the Activator Cat: “In this gifted interview, he not only sent himself with the inflated song of the Titanic, but others like this one,” the reporter from Willax TV, to what the former Miss Peru reveals: “We couldn’t get out of hand walking, we can’t go drinking like a normal couple, we can’t do things like a normal couple, why? Because of this society? No, that’s enough ! “.

“I know my truth, that person knows his truth and Anthony knows his truth … Yes he told me formally, a month ago we are in love” “I have said it from the beginning, we all have the right to work and she is taking advantage of it. that it does seem to me to be a rather unwise decision is the production, is the channel … I think it is not time to make a pull, for image and client reasons … Always pull those who are in the eye of the storm, it may have worked for them, but (it shows) desperate, “he added Melissa Paredes in his defense after criticism.

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Drivers of Amor y Fuego criticize Gato Cuba and Melissa Paredes for “confusing” their daughter

Former television host Melissa Paredes and Rodrigo Cuba have made their new relationships public, but Amor y Fuego hosts are concerned about the well-being of their little daughter. After both the model and the soccer player have decided to quickly rebuild their lives after their speedy divorce, fans and other public figures have expressed their regret over how the minor could react to these drastic changes.

“If for us as adults, as a public, it is still difficult for us to assimilate, can you imagine the rice with mango that a girl must have on her head? On the one hand, he sees the father holding the hand of a girl who is not the mana, kissing her, and on the other hand saying ‘Hello Anthony’ “, he sentenced Rodrigo gonzalez showing his deep concern for the daughter of the ex-partner, who would have to face new changes after the separation of her parents.