Melissa Paredes rejects criticism about being “agreed”: “I have never had a man with money”

Melissa Paredes was approached by the cameras of “America Shows” on the pink carpet of the Peruvian film “Single, Married, Widow, Divorced” that was made on April 17 and responded to her haters, who criticized her for showing off the engagement ring that Anthony Aranda gave her on the last trip she They made together to Miami, United States. Regarding the marriage, the former television host also made it clear that she is in no hurry and hopes that it will take place next year.

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Melissa Paredes defends herself after criticism

Melissa Paredes She was consulted due to the criticism she had been receiving on social networks. In this regard, she made it clear that she is not an interested woman and she falls in love with the person because of her feelings.

“I have never had a man by my side who has had a lot of money, that I know of I have not had any man like that. I’m going to look for a panzón with money. It is that they put me as if I had lived with Jefferson Farfán. I believe that one falls in love for how the person is “, He said in conversation with “América Espectáculos”.

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Melissa Paredes said that “they wanted to give her little” for the engagement ring that Rodrigo Cuba gave her

The model He returned from the United States after traveling with Anthony Aranda and his daughter. The presenter of “Light it up” was encouraged to reveal details of her request for her hand and told what she did with the ring from her previous engagement. “I returned the previous one stupidly, I tried to sell it, but they wanted to give me very little” he said, laughing.

About the jewel that Anthony Aranda gave him as a symbol of commitment, he denied that it is something of little value. “It’s a certified diamond and everything”.