Melissa Paredes reveals her love song with Anthony Aranda: “If this were a mistake, I would be wrong again”

The most excited. Melissa Paredes can’t stop talking about how excited she is about her romance with Anthony Aranda. And it is that during the program Women in command, TV hosts bombarded her with questions about every detail of their relationship, which she said began just a month ago.

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Let us remember that the former beauty queen was supported by the dancer when she was still married to the ‘Cat’ Cuba, so it is known that they would already be dating for months. However, they formally started after he divorced the footballer, who now also looks quite animated with his relationship with businesswoman Ale Venturo.

At one point, Melissa Paredes was encouraged to reveal the song that identifies them as a couple with the dancer. Laughing and somewhat nervous, she said “Rauw Alejandro – Aquel Nap”. He also asked that the production put it so that they can listen to the intense lyrics of this song. “Get him up,” she said cheerfully.

“We will continue here only desire knows … If this were a mistake I would be wrong again … When I’m with you the day never ends,” dictates the lyrics of the song, which the model hummed with a smile. “The lyrics are strong, but they are beautiful,” he added.

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Melissa Paredes admired of Anthony Aranda’s qualities

Melissa Paredes was also encouraged to talk about the qualities that Anthony Aranda has, which have made her fall in love. The main one is that “he is not a mother’s son.” Was it indirect for Gato Cuba? “He is super detailed, he knows what I like, that he is not a mother’s son who has to wait for things to be attended to. He takes the initiative. I love such an independent man who does his things that you do not have to be telling him. do this, the other. How lazy, “she said excitedly.