Melissa Paredes reveals if she will return to “America today” after the departure of Brunella Horna

Some days ago, Brunella Horna He revealed through tears that he would retire from co-hosting the “América Hoy” program. “This is a call not to say goodbye, but see you soon (…) I’m stepping aside for a while,” held. Along these lines, César Acuña’s wife explained that she would leave the program due to her delicate state of health. After her sudden departure, speculation began as to whether Melissa Paredes could be the replacement for the popular “Baby Brune” in the morning magazine. Next, we will tell you what the ex-model said about her return to television.

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Will Melissa Paredes return to conducting “América hoy”?

The former beauty queen Melissa Paredes answered if she would agree to return to the co-hosting of the program “America Today”. “Work is work. I would love to return to the small screen, it would be nice ”, were the words of the also actress in an interview for the newspaper Trome.

Along these lines, Rodrigo Cuba’s ex-wife was asked if she holds a grudge against her former co-workers, Janet Barboza either Ethel Well, who, at the time, criticized her after her ampay with Anthony Aranda was disseminated.

“But who has not been critical? (…) Above all, I am super professional and, if they call me to work anywhere, I will always do it and in the best way (…) I think it’s been so long, so it doesn’t help me to remember things which are irrelevant. It’s not like I fought with them either, right?” indicated the exmodel.

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Melissa Paredes reveals if Michelle Alexander has summoned her for a series

The ex-host of “Préndete” Melissa Paredes revealed that he has been taking acting classes with Bruno Odar to undertake new projects.

In this sense, the actress was also asked if the producer Michelle Alexander has called her to belong to the cast of any of her future projects. “No, but it is something that I would love”, pointed out.

Melissa Paredes participated in the telenovelas “Ojitos hechicheros” and “Dos hermanas”, both produced by Michelle Alexander. Photo: Photo: Composition LR/ John Reyes / GLR Archive/ Instagram/ Melissa Paredes