Melissa Paredes signs with Anthony Aranda: “He was in the best and worst moment of my life” [VIDEO]

Grateful to her partner. Melissa Paredes once again referred to her recent relationship with Anthony Aranda and revealed that after the complicated stage she went through due to the ampay and divorce from Gato Cuba, she was always supporting her.

In Women in command, where she is now a television host, she pointed out that despite leaving the doors open to the dancer, he never left.

“Nobody knows at the time that I was. I once said to him:” You have been in the best moment of my life and also in the worst moment of my life. There is the door, you are sure you want to stay, because in all that I was at a level of depression and energy was on the floor. I was not me, “he maintained.

Melissa Paredes said that what happened to her was terrible, but despite this she tried to show positivity, but always at the hands of Anthony Aranda.

“Every day, it was horrible how I was. I do not record myself in the sad moments and want to show positivity and good things. He never let go of my hand, we never let go, it’s true. As a friend as a partner and the person who supports you when he needs you the most. It was very difficult, “he said.

Sheyla Rojas would be the new leader of Women in command with Melissa Paredes

Sheyla Rojas was interviewed by Women in command, who now has Melissa Paredes, and the possibility that she is also a member of the program was released.

“Hold on!” He said.