Melissa Paredes surprises with dedication: “Living like this is dying of love” [VIDEO]

After the first images of Melissa Paredes and Anthony Aranda spending the New Year, more clues would begin to come to light, among them the strange dedications of the model on their social networks.

One of the most recent would be the one that sets the theme “Death of love”, in which he shares a photograph of himself posing after spending an afternoon at the beach. What would attract more attention would be the lyrics of the song, which would indicate suffering for love: “To live like this is to die of love, for love I have a wounded soul, for love I have nothing but your life, melancholy.”

Well, according to recent information, both the ex girl reality As the dancer would have made it clear that their relationship, not yet confirmed, would be going from strength to strength, then for whom is the message of the lyrics ‘Dying of love’ going? You might think that for his daughter, to whom he has dedicated several messages.

While, Melissa Paredes surprised with a TikTok as if it were a teenager, as she would be making a clarification to her partner, what does she say?

Melissa and Anthony on their honeymoon

Meanwhile, Melissa Paredes wrote that she will do with her life what she wants under the proverb that there is only one life.

“And let it be clear to everyone who knows me, I’m going to start enjoying it no matter what you say. The day I die, none of you is going to offer in my place, “he published.

He stressed that he will love whoever he wants. “I will not keep trying to change to fit into such a rotten society, where they judge you without knowing you and crucify you,” he said.