Melissa Paredes surprises with ‘new’ conceited: “I just adopted her” [VIDEO]

New member of your family? The Peruvian model Melissa Paredes surprised her thousands of followers by sharing a tender image with a little baby, but that was not all because she assured that she had adopted her. Here we will tell you everything about her new cocky.

“Cheers! Look who is (here) Look at that beautiful baby,” said at first the former television host introducing her fans to the little girl who would have stolen her heart.

But, that was not what most attracted attention, but the peculiar statements he made later, assuring that he would have adopted it, although there were some details that would make one think that it was all a joke.

“Well I’m going to tell you that I just adopted her, it’s ha, ha, ha”, you can hear him say to Melissa Paredes in your clip of InstagramThis while in the background he listens to a woman laugh at what the former presenter of America Today.

As an extra piece of information, Melissa Paredes He would have received a visit from friends or family with whom he would have enjoyed a delicious lunch and an amusing talk, despite the fact that at first there was speculation about the presence of Anthony Aranda, he was nowhere to be seen.

Melissa Paredes surprises with dedication: “Living like this is dying of love”

The former television presenter Melissa Paredes surprises with a nostalgic dedication on her social networks, directed at her daughter or the Activator Cat? The model shared with her thousands of fans the song “Living like this is dying of love.”

What would attract more attention would be the lyrics of the song, which would indicate suffering for love: “To live like this is to die of love, for love I have a wounded soul, for love I have nothing but your life, melancholy.”