Melissa Paredes teaches her daughter to cook, who she assures is a “youtuber” [VIDEO]

Heading for stardom. Former television host Melissa Paredes surprised with her little girl, who had with Rodrigo Cuba, preparing delicious desserts and even pasta.

Through her social networks, the Peruvian model showed the passion and commitment that her daughter would put in cooking and even imagines herself becoming a great youtuber.

It was via her official Instagram account that the conceited Sport Boys footballer and the former reality girl showed her culinary skills at her young age, leaving even her mother with her mouth open.

“What are we going to prepare today?” He asked Melissa Paredes, before which the little Mia responded with all the attitude: “White noodles”, but that was not all, because the minor accompanied and advised her mother in the preparation of the daily menu.

Rodrigo Cuba ‘shouts’ his love to Ale Venturo and fans give him their support: “I love you”

Every man for himself. Rodrigo Cuba melts with love for Ale Venturo and boasts his admiration for her on Instagram after the officialization of Melissa Paredes and her dancer.

“Congratulations, I declare myself to be fans of the couple that you make with Ale”, “You make a beautiful couple with her, I hope you are very happy”, “You deserve someone who respects you and loves you very much, of course also Mine”, were some of the reactions after the comment of Rodrigo Cuba.