Melissa Paredes tells Anthony Aranda to her face: “People think you don’t work”

the driver of “turn on”, Melissa Paredes, answered some questions on her Instagram account, where she told her current partner, Anthony Aranda that people believe that he does not work, however, both explained what the dancer does to earn money.

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Melissa Paredes He ended by explaining that Anthony Aranda works on what he likes and is passionate about, which is dancing, a possibility that other people do not have. “What they don’t know is that you work on what you like, on what you love, which is the art of dance. Few people have the joy of working on what they love.”

next, Anthony Aranda He explained what he does to earn money. He said that first of all he is the director of a dance academy. “I direct a dance company called Montejo. This company has several groups that I direct and we compete internationally. We have gone to Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Panama, Chile and I train these guys to compete.”

next, Anthony Aranda He added: “Apart from that, which is a super jerk, I teach classes for small children, young people and adults and it is a job that you have to sacrifice.” Given this, Melissa Paredes said: “It’s a nice job, I like it.”

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How did Melissa Paredes and Anthony Aranda meet?

Melissa Paredes and Anthony Aranda They met on Gisela Valcárcel’s program where he was her dancer and they did their best to win “Queens of the Show”. However, they ended up falling in love and both were captured by the “Magaly TV La Firme” program.

the magpie Magaly Medina He managed to get his team to capture them inside his car, at the exit of the gym where Rodrigo Cuba also trained. The images ended the relationship that Paredes had with his ex-husband.