Melissa Paredes: They show their uncomfortable reaction when they see a note from Ale Venturo and Gato Cuba [VIDEO]

The model Melissa Paredes despite the fact that she returned to television with a big smile on the show Women in command, their reaction changed unexpectedly when in the space they shared a live note about the new relationship of their exposed Gato Cuba and Ale Venturo.

In TikTok, many users realized this and did not hesitate to spread the expressions that the model had at that time and that is that the cameras were focusing on her all the time.

All started when Giovanna valcarcel He asked the former host of América Hoy if she knew Ale Venturo, the footballer’s new partner.

“I don’t know her… I did buy her desserts years ago, like two or three years ago… Just once. I didn’t know (they were friends from before), I just found out … They’re little things, I had no idea, “she said nervously, even though she tried to maintain her posture.

After that, the television presenter decided to broadcast the note about the young businesswoman where she showed affection with him Cuba cat.

As you can see, Melissa Paredes did not know where to look and at times she would smile and then put on a serious face.

Ethel Pozo is no longer friends with Melissa Paredes

Ethel Pozo confirms distancing from Melissa Paredes after her departure from América Hoy and pointed out that she no longer frequents her much because she does not agree with the decisions she makes.

“The truth is, I think this is due to a labor issue. I imagine she is going to be on another show. I did not see ‘Meli’ physically since that day of the ampay images, because we used to see each other a lot but when that breaks, one distances oneself from friends ”, he said.