Melissa Paredes was surprised by Activator Kitten with flowers: “All my sadness you took away” [VIDEO]

They no longer hide it. Peruvian model Melissa Paredes celebrated her return to television screens after being fired from America Today for an ampay scandal with Anthony Aranda, and it is precisely for this reason that the dancer did not hesitate to let him know how proud he was of the achievements of the television host via a romantic publication, but that was not all.

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The popular ‘Activator Kitty ‘ She praised her partner after being announced as the new image of Women in command, as a guest presenter, and social networks were her means to convey all her support with a mischievous comment: “Que churra mi amor,” he wrote, but As mentioned above, this was not the only surprise that the artist had for the ex-beauty queen.

It was via her official Instagram account that the famous ‘Fallen Queen’ boasted a huge and beautiful bouquet of roses in a mini video in which she can be seen smiling and happy, thus making it clear who was the sender of such a romantic surprise, syndicating as responsible to Anthony Aranda, who would have surprised her with tender detail and a message that she left on her table, but preferred not to show it. Although that did not stop there, because the actress also accompanied her clip along with a theme that would describe her feelings.

“You took away all my sadness. With your kiss you calmed me down. I navigated you and you left me (ah-ah, ah-ah) How did we get here? Only desire knows. And all the time I have you close. No I want it to end “, dictated part of the lyrics of the song that Melissa Paredes dedicated to his Dancing kitten and that he did not hesitate to share with his thousands of followers in his social networks.

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What did Melissa Paredes say about future with Anthony Aranda?

The television host Melissa Paredes was asked if she thinks her romance with him Activated Kittenr will last longer than a simple summer, and she left it in the hands of God and reaffirmed that she was very much in love. But, it was not the only confession that the former presenter of América Televisión made about her romance with the dancer, as she assured that it would have aroused jealousy.

The tv presenter Giovanna valcarcel He threw a question at the former reality girl about her romance with Anthony Aranda: “Summer loves, they are stories that only last one summer, is your love summer? Or don’t you know?” Melissa Paredes She responded without fear: “Only God knows … This is the way things are, you never know what will happen … I have not been jealous, but now I am.”