Melissa Paredes: Why did you decide to return to Gisela Valcárcel’s reality show?

The Great Show returned with a new season last Saturday, October 1. But what has given much to talk about was the return in style of former television host Melissa Paredes. Recall that last year the actress left the dance floor of the ‘Señito’ because she starred in an ampay with then dancer Anthony Aranda, while she was still married to ‘Gato’ Cuba.

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Why did Melissa Paredes return to the “Great Show”?

Melissa Paredes arrived on the dance floor of Gisela Valcárcel amid applause from all the people who were on the set, so during her presentation, the actress also had a conversation with Gisela Valcarcel and assured that he has passed the most difficult moments of his life, but he learned to be strong.

Likewise, the current partner of Anthony Aranda did not hesitate to give the reasons why he made the decision to return to the dance reality show on América TV.

“I stood here with great respect because I respect your stage, because it is great to return to your track, because it is great to start again, and I tell you with all my heart, today I start again. If I have to remove the dirt, I will do it; If I have to go through a thousand castings again, as I have done before, I will do it again, ”Melissa Paredes began, quite nervous.

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What did Melissa Paredes say about her relationship with Anthony Aranda?

In the middle of her presentation, Gisela revealed that she had already had the opportunity to meet Melissa Paredes after the ampay, in 2021. However, she decided to keep it a secret. The driver revealed that at that time she advised her not to continue her relationship with Anthony Aranda. Months after her and already in front of her on the track of ‘El Gran Show’, she asked him why she continued with him.

“Because feelings go beyond what others can think, he is a wonderful person, I send him a giant kiss, he has been in the worst moments,” said Melissa Paredes in tears. Likewise, she stressed that it was useless to be in “a golden cage” if he was not happy.