Melissa takes a face for Activator and sinks Gato Cuba: “As if she had lived with a Jefferson Farfán”

Fire! Melissa Paredes She is engaged to Anthony Aranda, with whom she began a romance after the ampay that they both starred in 2021. However, before she had a relationship with Rodrigo Cuba, and many do not stop comparing both romances and this time she got tired, as evidenced by with a striking comment that involved Jefferson Farfan.

In the latest edition of América Espectáculos, this Tuesday, April 18, the popular “Meli” showed off her engagement ring- “If it has its certificate, princess cut, it has a diamond, it’s a classic, it’s not worth millions, but I like it,” pointed out to reporter Bruno Vernal.

However, then Melissa Paredes and made a tremendous comparison to defend Anthony Aranda from comparisons with Rodrigo Cuba. “(Do I like luxury?) I don’t understand why they make me so famous if I have never had a man next to me who is luxurious, ostentatious and with a lot of money,” he said.

“As far as I know, to this day I have not had any man like that. I am going to look for a paunch with money so that they are happy. They put me as if I had lived with a Jefferson Farfán, who also has his things, but I think that You fall in love with the person, because of how they are and so many other things,” he added.