Member of “Lito & Polaco” reveals the powerful reason for his retirement from music

In the 90s and early 2000s, Lito MC Cassidy or simply Lito, the stage name of Rafael Sierra Pascual, was one of the most prominent singers of the rap genre in Spanish, along with his partner Polaco, as a soloist he has had great successes , but one day and for a powerful reason he decided to leave everything.

She said that she had to make the difficult decision to withdraw from the stage to take care of her son Rafael. “I have custody of my son and I had to raise him alone,” he revealed to People en Español.

“I have achieved many dreams, but I did not want my dreams to interrupt development and inter-family health, which is very important, as time and destiny have taught me. I wanted to give him a better education. A hiatus was not going to change the course of life, “added the 41-year-old rapper.

“Being a single father, and when I say single father, it is not that one has twenty relationships [románticas]It is very complicated, one protects the mental and emotional health of a child ”, he pointed out.

The rapper says that his personal experience made him understand what a mother must deal with. “You manage to understand the great responsibility that women have and, in this sexist society, one thinks that because they have a job or economically, perhaps, as a man, they contribute more, it is easy to work at home, take the children to the home. school, talk to teachers, give a hug, know when to scold and when to hug ”, he warned.

“It is a continuous job that does not last eight hours, it lasts 24 hours every day of the year. A very beautiful thing happens, a connection with the children arrives; That love is the reward that over the years they give you back and you feel that all the sacrifice was worth it. The work is continuous and very strong; but, at the same time, it has its reward, which is what I am receiving now, “he added.

“Another person would have thought of making music for the wealth, I was rich raising my son. When I say rich it is not economically, it is happiness; money supposedly makes you happy, but love and the achievement of having an emotional stability with your family is the true wealth ”.

He was away for several years from the world of music; However, it was precisely his first-born who encouraged him to return. “He told me ‘Daddy get to work because I want to enjoy what you enjoyed in your youth.’ Rafael is practically my manager and we started this journey together which has been very pleasant for both of us ”, he mentioned.

Thus, the singer independently produced the album La caula de los vivos, which has 20 songs that include collaborations with J. Balvin, Daddy Yankee, Tito el Bambino, Yandel and Farruko, among others. With this production “I am bringing the golden age of music, but I am bringing it back up-to-date in music and composition.” And he confesses to being happy with the result.