Memorial Museum announces student contest winners

He Memorial Museum of the Dominican Resistance (MMRD)announced this Friday the winners of the fourth version of the Student Essay Contest on Freedom which is carried out every year with the aim of making students “aware of the periods of dictatorships that the country suffered and the human rights violations that were perpetrated during them”.

On this occasion, 120 works from 15 public and private educational centers throughout the country were evaluated, resulting in the first three places as winners, in an act where eight honorable mentions were also awarded.

A press release indicates that it is the largest number of works delivered during the history of the contest, which coincides with the 62nd anniversary of the execution of the dictator Rafael Leonidas Trujillo.

The prizes went to the students Yaneiry Amanda Valeria Santana Gómez, from the secondary level of the Calasanz San Eduardo Polytechnic, in La Romana, for their work: “Let’s value the freedom we have”, winner of first place.

While second place went to Laura Isabela Castillo Brito, from the fifth year of secondary school Dominican-Chinese College; and third place was given to Lía Alexandra Beira Sánchez, fifth grade of secondary school at Centro Educativo Los Prados, for her work “Freedom in the Dominican Republic”who received a tablet, second and third place, and a laptop for first place.

The students Mariel Aida González Soto, Edwin Omar Guerrero Santana, Ethan Paredes, Juan Alberto Naveo, Diego Stocco, Raquel Sophía Zaglul-Manrique, Hillary Fabián Gómez and Betsabé Hazoury also received honorable mentions, who showed a great handling of the subject matter, focused in How to currently value the sacrifice of past generations to conquer the freedom that the country enjoys today?.

Highlighting the importance of the contest, the founding director of the Museum Memorial, Luisa De Pena Diazsaid that today more than ever it is necessary to promote in students the knowledge about the processes that the country went through to obtain their freedom and avoid repeating those times of opprobrium that the Dominican people suffered.

“This type of contest is important because the future of the peoples is in the hands of the youth and in their hands are the processes that will be experienced in the future, that is why they must be supported and stimulated so that they know what it happened and prevent it from happening again,” De Peña Díaz said when addressing the public who attended the event.

“Congratulations to all the participants in the student contest Essay on Freedom. You have shown great dedication and commitment at the end of this challenge, and your amazing ability to write magnificent essays that have aroused great inspiration and reflection”, said Lisandro Macarrulla, patron of the Museumafter indicating that “it fills me with pride to support events like this, because it allows our young people to know our history better, which leads them to be more critical, thoughtful and create a positive impact in our country.”

The evaluating jury was made up of the writer and National Novel Award winner, Avelino Stanley, president; and Domingo Guerrero, member.

The event was also attended by the president of the Foundation Museum Memorial, Noris González and Carlos Jiménez, who attended on behalf of the Minister of Education, angel hernandez.

The awards ceremony was held under the auspices of the Foundation for the Promotion of Culture, Arts, Physical Activities and Education (FOMCAE), directed by Lidia de Macarrulla.