Memory intact! Eriksen: “I remember everything, except the minutes I was in heaven”

In memory of Christian eriksen It is still latent on June 12, 2021, when in the middle of the game between Denmark and Finland for the first day of Group B of the Eurocup, it decompensated, generating the alarm of all the attendees of the Parken Stadion in Copenhagen. Half a year after this event, the Danish midfielder recounted what he experienced on that occasion.

During an interview he gave to the Danish network DR1, the 29-year-old footballer indicated that before falling on the playing field, he had not felt any ailment that would make him presage that something was wrong.

“I felt great, there was no indication of anything. I felt normal so I didn’t see it coming at all. I remember Maehle’s throw-in. I remember he hit me with the ball and I returned it using my shin. I felt a little cramp in my calf and then I passed out, ”he said.

Minutes later, the player regained consciousness and heard the voices of the people who were surrounding him to assist him.

“I struggled for breath, and then I heard faint voices and doctors speaking. I’m thinking, I can’t be the one lying here. I’m healthy. My first thought is that I broke my back. Can I move my legs? I can wiggle my toes, little things like that. I remember everything, except those minutes when I was in heaven “, he limited.

Upon being stabilized, the soccer player was immediately taken to an ambulance, escorted by his teammates, who prevented the television cameras from recording him.

“I remember the atmosphere. The white linen around me to protect me from sight. I look up and see the fans singing. They take me to the ambulance. I remember it clearly, “he said.

Let us remember that, currently, Christian eriksen He is without a team after leaving Inter Milan. The Dane hopes to find a club as soon as possible to earn a place on the roster of the Denmark team that qualified for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.