Mermaid’s Lucky Pencil Returns

With a validity that will remain until the first of September, the traditional campaign of SirenThe lucky pencil. As usual with specials in everything that refers to the return to classes.

“Learning Healthy with the lucky pencil”, is the motto with which the campaign will be developed in 2022; that it has the particularity of giving access to guidelines on how to take care of the good mental and physical health of children, adolescents and young people; and at the same time take advantage of attractive offers for the return to classes.

The clients of the Siremás club will have access to all the activities and contests that will be carried out through the social networks of Sirenwas announced in Siren Churchill, launch site and stage where those present participated in the talk given by Janis Santaella, clinical psychologist, coach, mentor, author, specialist in emotional intelligence, self-esteem and life project, who addressed issues related to mental health of the kids.

The event had four stations with educational activities related to art, sports, food and bullying in children and adolescents, where attendees were able to learn and have fun with the lucky pencil and his friends Susy erases it, Fritz the book and Zack the pencil sharpener.

Yill Odreman, executive of the Commercial area, said that “like every year, we want to offer our customers a more practical and happy shopping experience. In addition, we want to guide you on the importance of keeping our children’s minds healthy. Therefore, we will be offering educational content on social networks to guide parents. We will also have an excellent assortment, with great deals on items from the school category, such as electronic devices, uniforms and shoes.”