‘Mero Loco’ asks for help to resume his relationship with Susy Díaz: “I have not forgotten her, I promise to behave well”

He’s desperate! Eddie Hidalgobetter known in the world of ‘Chollywood’ as the “crazy grouper”, has been reunited with his ex-wife susy diaz in the recording of the program “family saturdays”issued by Latina and has indicated that seeing her has allowed him to realize that he is still in love with the former congresswoman.

Likewise, he wants Susy Díaz to give him another opportunity to resume their relationship that lasted thirteen years.

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‘Mero Loco’ does not forget Susy Díaz

Through an interview for the newspaper El Trome, Susy’s ex has stated that he wants to return to the artist despite having spent so many years away, as he claims to be still in love with the former politician.

Likewise, he reveals that the people who were by his side have only been ‘funny’ and ‘clowns’, with the sole objective of becoming known on Peruvian television.

“It has been thirteen years of relationship that cannot be forgotten and the only man who spent so many years with susy diazhas been ‘The Crazy Grouper‘. The others were funny, clowns who were there to promote themselves and make themselves known. She knows that I have my job and I don’t need anything,” he said. eddy.

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‘Cevichero’ asks for help so that Susy Díaz gives him an opportunity

oscar eddy has implored for the love of Suzyrevealing that he is willing to do anything to win back his ex-wife’s love.

Suzy She is a correct woman, with good feelings, a noble woman and I can’t find a woman like her. (…) The relationship I had with Susy was very nice, I’m not complaining, but please let the press collaborate and help me because I want to resume our relationship, I haven’t forgotten it, “he said excitedly.

Given this, heMere‘ He has promised to behave if Susy gives him the opportunity to return to him, as well as that he will not make the same mistakes of the past.

“I promise to behave well not to make the same mistakes and I want to tell everyone that I love her more now,” revealed the ‘cevichero’.

Finally, he stated that it is never too late to start over, ensuring that at this stage of his life he only asks for peace and tranquility.