Metiche throws out Karla Tarazona LIVE: “He lost his heart for Christian Domínguez”

Do not tell him! Karla Tarazona today has a great parental relationship with Christian Domínguez, which was proven by the birthday celebration of her son Valentino that both would have organized together. However, Nosy He does not stop remembering the loving past they had and he did it again.

In the last edition of turn onThis Tuesday, April 18, the host asked her partner if her ex-partner could visit the set at some point with the Gran Orquesta Internacional, since it seemed that his infidelity and breakup affected him more than her. Given this, Kurt Villavicencio responded without problems.

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“Karla, it’s normal for him to come,” he said Nosy. However, Karla Tarazona He left with everything and complained that he had not attended his son’s birthday because Christian Domínguez was there. “And why didn’t you go to the birthday party?” He questioned, not waiting for him to give him the explanation he did.

Kurt Villavicencio claimed to have been ill. “Because he had a fever,” he pointed out, but this did not stop there, because moments later, when presenting a song by the invited artists, he talked about losing his heart, and he threw the co-host out of him. “Just like Karla lost it to Christian Domínguez at her time,” she said, showing that she would have been affected after her breakup. Oops!

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Who is Christian Dominguez?

christian dominguez He is a well-known character from the Peruvian show, who is 38 years old. He is a cumbia singer, leader of Great International Orchestraand former member of The Young Sensationas well as Yaipen Brothers. He is currently the boyfriend of Pamela Franco with whom he has a daughter named María Cataleya.

Likewise, he works as an actor, since he has worked for several projects in Neighborhood Productions, of michelle alexanderbeing the best known My love the wachiman as well as sissy.